Affiliated Events

Tool Exhibition

An exhibition of Petri net tools will take place on Wednesday. It consists of informal demonstrations for small groups/individuals and there are no scheduled talks. Requests for participation in the tool exhibition must be sent to the Tool Exhibition chairs by the deadline stated at the top of this Call for Papers. They should include a link to the Web pages for the tool (or a short description of the tool). The demonstrators should bring their own laptops, while the organisers may be requested to give access to the Internet.

Courses, Workshops and Tutorials

The main conference takes place from Wednesday 28 to Friday 30. The three days before the main conference also offer a wide range of activities. The Petri Net Course takes place from Sunday 25 to Tuesday 27. It offers a thorough introduction to Petri nets in four half-day modules on Sunday 25 and Monday 26, and a full-day tutorial module on Tuesday 27. For successful participation in the entire course, including preparation and examination, three credit points (ECTS) will be awarded. Each module of the course can also be taken separately, without any credit. Detailed descriptions of Workshops and Tutorials will be made available via the conference Web pages. It is also possible to arrange Meetings and Courses related to Petri Nets. Submissions for such activities must contain a 2–5 page description. They must be received by the Workshops chairs via email no later than January 13, 2023.