Boudewijn van Dongen
Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Brief Biography: Boudewijn is full professor in Process Analytics at Eindhoven University of Technology and chair of the IEEE Task Force on Process Mining. He has been working with Petri nets in the context or process modeling and process mining since 2001. The research on process mining in the process analytics group continues to expand outward from a classical situation of data with clear case notions in the context of explicitly structured processes to a broad, multi-faceted field, where processes are less structured or consist of many interacting artifacts and where case notions in data become more fluid or are complex, multi-dimensional networks.
Boudewijn’s personal interest is in conformance checking which is considered to be anything where observed behavior needs to be related to already modeled behavior. Conformance checking is embedded in the larger contexts of Business Process Management and Process Mining. He aims to develop techniques and tools to analyze databases and logs of large-scale information systems for the purpose of detecting, isolating, diagnosing and predicting misconformance in the business processes supported by these systems.
Next to the studying the theoretical foundations, Boudewijn also develops the tools to actually measure conformance. These tools are typically implemented in Java in the open-source framework ProM.